Monday, April 2, 2012

Airplane babies

Boarding an airplane introduces the risk of flying with at least one loud crying baby throughout the duration of the flight. This is the case as I author this post. While no ethical way exists to rid the noises angry airplane babies make, perhaps there are some alternatives.

Parents are used to it.. In fact, judging by my companion’s lack of action to resolve the issue (yes a consecutive hour of crying is now a shared issue), there is no incentive for him to make it stop - his strategy is "welcome to my world, deal with it".. below is a heat-map of noise to annoyance levels.

Maybe an "infraction" issued to the parent(s) so they can't book a flight without paying whatever the annoyance fee were. Well, I guess that's harsh - how about unlimited drink vouchers for the Orange band..I'll settle for a stiff bloody mary right about now.

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