Monday, August 8, 2011

My BitLocker Relationship

BitLocker started as a wonderful hard drive encryption technology to keep my files safe and protected.. it was a good thing at first..

but soon I started getting random nagging messages and errors on my computer about BitLocker.. so I called the helpdesk. They adviced I decrypt the drive, apply an update, and re-encrypt the drive again.

Naively, I start decrypting the drive only to watch the system come to a complete meltdown at around 30% ... unresponsive, followed by the monitor shutting down, and eventually leaving the laptop fan at full blast blowing hot air.

4 hours go by without any indication that the system was doing anything productive.

expecting the worst, I reboot..

well.. that was expected. I just lost everything in the disk..
I opt to cut my losses and try to reformat the drive.

...ok, so the BIOS doesn't even recognize that there's even a disk in the machine! the drive pretty much imploded taking everything along with it..

The analogy here is that BitLocker made me feel used and scathed.. It started off wonderfully and full of hopes and promise. then came an increasing nagging that left me to find a solution. and.. this solution, analogous to a nasty divorce, left me with nothing.

BitLocker, you took everything from me. I hope you're satisfied.