Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Calculate Energy Costs!

What better day than Earth Day for me to post this...

A free web hosting service I use emailed me pretty much saying "take your stuff down we're closing shop in June..." so I considered hosting my own server... which led me to wonder if that would make sense or not given the hosting options out there...

I wrote a simple excel spreadsheet to calculate this and then figured I may want to calculate more stuff.. what if I dont have the Excel file with me, bla bla... So I took it to the web.

Here it is: the Kill-A-Watt Calculation Page!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Working May Cause Cancer

I saw this sign at the building entrance where I've been working for the past two months on a project..

what an awesome way to start your day - nothing says welcome to work quite like this cute message...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Cheesiness of the World Reserve Monetary Exchange

I got this big envelope in the mail today - it looked very important with all kinds of "deliver by this date" and "rushed priority service" bla bla... it was from the World Reserve Monetary Exchange (company)... for those not aware of this company, they basically try to sell you collector coins.. and they REALLY try.

It is because of their cheesy marketing that I'm taking time to post this long blog entry. They sent me pictures - there is nothing that says why they sent me these "pictures" but they did. Basically they're selling me a whole vault of coins for about a grand, and I believe the pictures were enclosed to emphasize how important these coins are and how fortunate I am for getting this offer.

Photo #1:
The vault is as important as it is fancy. There is a finger pointing to it for effect.

Photo #2:
These coins are so important that congressmen or whoever this guy is can bring them to out to his talks. There is a very interested photographer on the right.

Photo #3:
Even if you're an everyday country man you can own these coins. There is an old picture frame to appeal to veterans? an eagle statue shows how american this house is, and I dont know what the guy in the far left background is doing.

Photo #4:
Now if you want to gain your child's respect - nothing does so better than sitting with him and talking about coins. I dont know why this kid has his shirt unbuttoned.

Photo #5:
This one inspired me the most. It's an old woman filled with joy (hands clasped) as her incredibly desirable vault arrives. Neighborhood kids stop riding their bikes to see this. A mom stops pushing her baby stroller to witness this formidable delivery. I mean, you buy one of these and you're the talk of the town. Don't forget to put the american flag out either.

Photo #6:
Every successful businessman knows - these coins are priceless. This guy sports his diploma and executive office, and can't help but smile at his coin collection investment.

Photo #7:
Oh yes - this one fits my demographic. The american guy into sports who throws parties and has a few beers. Hot girls and your friends will be impressed with your coin collection. The guy in the back says thumbs up for a great party. Not sure how the office space ceilings got in this guys house. Not to mention they could have at least photoshopped the camera and studio setup from the pool table's reflective corner.

Photo #8:
I guess you can keep your vault in the closet if you're the more modest demographic or just plain boring.

Photo #9:
And I don't know where they were going with this last picture.. I'm done.

I think the worst part of all this is that there are people buying these coins in the hopes that they will live the scene in one of these pictures. That's marketing but this was so offbeat that I had to scan them to show how cheesy these are..