Monday, February 26, 2007

The wow starts ... when?

Just another gripe, after running on windows Vista for nearly four months now..

I keep running into the most annoying problems:

Driver support (especially printers)
Software support (especially useful programs you would like to run)
Intrusiveness and annoying presentation...

The UAC model where color coded messages pop up and warn you about what you just told windows you want to do makes it frustrating to install, uninstall, delete, move, copy, change a setting, use your computer period. A lot of major software publishers dont have much of an excuse. Everyone's had access to stable betas for about a year, and the final version was released in November.. Drivers and new software should be here by now you'd think...

The more I deal with this, the more I think Vista was named after an internal acronym for: Very Intrusive System That's Annoying.

I'm pretty tired of those wow commercials, so far the 'wow' has been about stuff not working or system crashes (drivers again).. maybe by mid 2007?