Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Corporate Laptop..

I work off a laptop, Laptop #1. It was working great then suddenly, LCD burned out - no display just a white screen.. it was actually entertaining while it was going on (to see your screen slowly fade to white - kinda like it was passing out.. )

... So I send it to the corporate warranty & repair people ...

They take forever so I call and they tell me - "oh you didnt get it let me check -pause- theres been a mistake it should be there tomorrow!" um ok..

Laptop #2 arrives the next day.. I thought the problem was over, but this one, despite its working new LCD screen, had its keyboard not fully bolted down (ribbon popping out with keys pressing against the rubber mouse dot).. The dead pixels it came with werent that appealing either.. I imagine that when I called they went "oh *&@$! Its still here!" and put it together in a hurry to ship it out..

In short - The thing was unworkable - even disabling the mouse made some keys useless. They also left out the hard drive cover so I had to duct tape the thing in place. Awesome.

Laptop #3 arrives ... chocolate stains and over all wear and tear. (yes chocolate stains in case you had to read twice). I figure no big deal I'll clean it off but at least I'll have a good laptop now. Booting it up I see the computer has half the RAM I used to have and a slower CPU.. Hmmm...

Laptop #4 arrives ... this one is in perfect shape! hooray.. not so fast, I boot up only to see there are Three pretty good size impact spots on the LCD - pretty annoying depending on my screen content / background (when they are more visible)...

Laptop #5 arrives ... this one has more wear and tear but I figured well, at least I'll have a good LCD.. nah, The LCD frame had a crack on the plastic, yeah probably just cosmetic but ... looked pretty bad.

So there it is 5 laptops no dice - I kept the "impact spot" one - and I'm done with computer repair people..

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